crazy feeling young
I need your love

I love you,but im scared,
Im scared to relate what I feel.
I loved you as a friend,
But something changed in me.
I am afraid of everything:
Because of a question,
Because of an answer.
I love you but you do not know this,
better if I let this so.
If I notice you I am trembling,
If you go away I collapse.
You are missing from morning till night.
I dream about you because of an evening until a morning.
I hide from the fear,
Because of the terror elfutoknék.
The nights darknesses
And the daytimes whites.
My pencil wore away already.
Our heart knocks at each others door.
I dream about you in the evening.
I think of you with a Sun in all minutes.
I got to know you,
This real love,i feel it.
I recognize it in you,
That into something else no.
Your eye,
He glitters always for me


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